Who We Are

David Segal, the founder of RabbiRentals.com, is "filling the void for Jews with no place to turn” again in a completely new interactive site, BookaRabbi.com. David Segal had originally developed the concept of renting a Rabbi back in 2001 and delivered it in RabbiRentals.com in 2002.

Now married with two children, David and his wife Lisa take his initial concept to a whole new level. BookaRabbi.com is a web site that Jewish individuals and families can utilize to locate a Rabbinic Professional. BookaRabbi.com is David’s latest tool, which will help members of the Jewish Community find a local Rabbi in a whole new way. David's hope is that BookaRabbi.com provides a resource, under one internet banner, that benefits members of the Jewish Community, by providing meaningful Jewish experiences and enable families to transfer these experiences to their own special occasions. David feels very strongly that it shouldnt be hard to attain a Rabbi or Cantor for an event and this site allows the customer to review multiple clergys bios at the same time prior to any contact.

"There is a definite need in the Jewish community globally for quality Rabbis and Cantors at an affordable price."