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We help you create memorable lifecycle events

- A Jewish or Jewish-Interfaith wedding for people of any sexuality or gender

- Funerals and other end-of-life ritual

- Baby namings and circumcisions

- Blessings for a new home, or a new stage in life

- Bar or bat mitzvah ceremonies, Hebrew tutoring, and tutoring toward conversion


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      When a justice of the peace or a Vegas wedding chapel minister will not do -- why not hire an ordained, experienced rabbi for your wedding, for a convenient, authentically Jewish ceremony?

      "I've had lots of friends who cannot find a rabbi when they need one, or when they do, the rabbi is too busy or not interested in performing their wedding. Somebody should marry a Jewish person and not turn Jews off of Judaism."

      With more than 50 percent of the American Jewish public unaffiliated with a synagogue, the time is right for concierge rabbis - specialists in Jewish ritual and education, who make themselves available to suit your time, location and needs.

      Remember us for your next joyful event!

      We’ve got your kepi covered